What exactly is a Sports Handicapper

From: John Taylor

The phrase “sports handicapper” has been thrown around the internet a lot lately. Lots of people are calling themselves sports handicappers. They think if they have studied a sporting event, and placed a wager, then they are handicappers. I mean really? I have done research on accounting, and I have also done my own taxes, does this make me an accountant? Of course not! 

We need to be wary of certain terms in the sports betting industry. I will admit, there are a few hundred reputable sports handicappers in this world. However, they are few and far between. It takes years to become a professional handicapper. When I think of this term, I see a person spending 5-10 hours per day doing research, crunching number & getting up to date injury reports from reputable sources. Whether they are using trends, formulas or systems, it takes more to become a professional. Most handicappers will tell you that they had rough losing times in this industry. Most of them went through extensive trial & error before mastering there abilities. I have heard of some handicappers losing every single dollar they had before they knew how to handicap sports. 
So the next time you see a person label themselves as a professional sports handicapper, do some research to see why they call themselves that. If they have a cheesy website offering bogus guarantee's, they are most likely not a true sports handicapper. Find out if these services offer “free trials” of if they show past performances. Or better yet, if the post there picks 5-10 minutes after the game has started to see if they are posting accurate sports picks. 

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